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Category:  Riskware

Type:  Application

Platform:  W32

Aliases:  Application.Bundler, Gen:Variant.Application.Bundler, Gen:Application.Bundler


Gen:Variant.Application.Bundler identifies software that is distributed bundled together with other components or programs.


Automatic action

Based on the settings of your F-Secure security product, it will either prompt you for a desired action, allow the program to run, block access to the program but leave it in place, or move it to the quarantine where it cannot harm your device.

Allow blocked files and exclude files from scanning

If you are confident that you are aware of the risks involved in using the program and consent to its use, you may choose to allow the program to run. You can also change the settings of the F-Secure security product to exclude it from further scanning. Note: you need administrative rights to change the settings.

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Technical Details

An application bundle is a collection of software that is distributed as a single package. Bundling applications together is a popular technique used by software vendors to attract customers, who may be interested in only one of the programs in the package but are willing to pay for or accept the entire bundle for the perceived value of having all the included software.

The software included in a bundle is up to the discretion of the software vendor: it can be a program with a separate installer or uninstaller; an operating system and a basic suite of programs; a game and related components; and so on. In more ambiguous cases, the bundled applications may be potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) or Unwanted Applications (UA).

Transparency concerns

Some application bundles present all the included software very transparently to the user, and clearly allow them to choose which programs they wish to install. For example, they prominently display an End User License Agreement (EULA), don't require the user to install all the included programs if they only want one application in the bundle, and cause no problems during the installation process.

Other application bundles are less transparent. For example, the user may only be notified about the presence of additional programs by a small, easily overlooked checkbox in the installation process. Alternatively, the installation process may be designed in such a way that when they try to install one application, the user is required to agree to install all the other bundled programs.

If you are aware of and agree to the terms and conditions for the other software included in the bundle, you may choose to proceed with installing all the programs. If you do not, you may opt to install only the desired program, if that is permitted during the installation process.

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