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Mania.A is a malware that pretends to perform license checking to cover up its SMS-sending activities in the background.

Disinfection & Removal

F-Secure's Mobile Security product blocks installation of this program with default settings.

Technical Details

Mania.A is an SMS-sending malware that sends out messages with the content "tel" or "quiz" to the number 84242. Any reply from this number is redirected to another device to prevent the device owner from becoming suspicious.

While running, Mania.A appears to be performing license checking, but this process always fails and never seems to be completed. The license checking is a cover up for the SMS sending activities that are taking place in the background.

Mania.A pretends to perform license checking, which always fails

Mania.A is known for using the trojanization technique, where it is repackaged with another original application in order to dupe victims. Some known legitimate application that have this malware trojanized in their packages include:

  • Phone Locator Pro
  • CoPilot Live Europe
  • Setting Profile Full
  • Tasker

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