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KabStamper.A is a malware that circulated in Japan during the AKB48 (a Japanese pop group) election. The malware modifies images found in the device by overwriting them with a predefined image.

Disinfection & Removal

F-Secure's Mobile Security product blocks installation of this program with default settings.

Technical Details

KabStamper.A is a malware that circulated in Japan during the AKB48 'election.' AKB48 is a Japanese pop group that consists of 48 members. The 'election' was held to select the most popular member who will become the face of the group.

KabStamper.A is distributed via trojanized applications that deliver news and videos about the AKB48 group. Malicious code in the malware is highly destructive; it destroys images found in the sdcard/DCIM/camera folder that stores images taken with the device's camera. Every five minutes, the malware checks this folder and modifies any found image by overwriting it with a predefined image.

Comparison between before and after KabStamper's infection.

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