Threat Description



Aliases: Trojan-Spy:​Android/Smforw, android.SMForw, AndroidOS.SmForw, Andr/KSmsSpy-A, Android.Fakeguard
Category: Malware
Type: Trojan
Platform: Android


Trojan-Spy:Android/Smforw variants silently forward incoming SMS messages on an infected device to a remote server.


F-Secure's Mobile Security product blocks installation of this program with default settings.

Technical Details

Trojan-Spy:Android/Smforw variants may be installed on a mobile device as part of the payload of a PC-based trojan, Droidpak. When this trojan infects a Windows system, it downloads a mobile app onto the machine and then attempts to install it onto any Android devices connected to the system by a USB cable. For installation to be successful, the device must have the setting 'Enable USB debugging' enabled.

When installed, SMforw variants will monitor and intercept incoming SMS messages and forward them to a remote server.


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