Threat Description





Counterclank.A is an advertising component used in various ad-supported apps. While running, the component silently collects data from the device and forwards it to a remote site.


F-Secure's Mobile Security product automatically blocks installation of this program.

Technical Details

Counterclank.A is an advertising module included in various apps, typically popular games or image-related programs. The apps themselves are not malicious and are free, ad-supported software that simply included the advertising module to provide revenue for the app developers.

In addition to displaying ads however, the module also leaks information from the device to a remote site without the user's knowledge.

While the app is running, the module retrieves the following information from the device and forwards the data to http://[...][...]:

  • Device manufacturer
  • Device model
  • Device version
  • IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number
  • Operating system version
  • Phone locale settings
  • Phone number
  • Source IP address
  • User Agent

The module also adds a search icon to the device's home screen and a bookmark to the device's browser. The icon and bookmark serve advertising purposes, leading the user to a mobile search provider, http://[...][...].


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