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Messaging Security Gateway


Industry-leading protection for e-mail

  • Unbeatable protection against spam
  • Email encryption

What’s new in this release 7.5:

•    Delegated Administration
•    New Roles feature
•    Schedule Digest generation by Sub-Org or Group
•    Enhanced security for the Universal Adapters
•    Metadata Extracted from Microsoft® Office Documents and PDF Files
•    Ability to disable Secure Reader Response Profiles
•    Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation
•    Additional Access Control for Quarantine and DLP folders
•    New Delivery Option - Send a Copy to Destination
•    VMware ESXi 5.1 Support
•    Decryption notification and local language
•    Job Control for Performance Enhancement

Operating systems

This installation image can be used in the following models

Hardware appliances

- P350/P360 - series appliances

- P650/P660 - series appliances

- P850/P860 - series appliances

Virtual appliances (VMware)

Vsphere ESX 4.0, ESXi 4.0, ESX 4.1, ESXi 4.1, and ESXi 5, ESXi 5.1, ESXi 5.1 Update1

You can upgrade directly to release 7.5.0 from the following releases:

  • 7.0.2
  • 7.1.0
  • 7.2.0

If you are running a version that is older than the versions listed above, you will have to upgrade to one of these versions first before upgrading to 7.5.0.



If you are running a release older than version 7.1.0 we would ask you to immediately contact F-Secure support

Minimum Requirements:

- Minimum memory in the appliance when using Inbound Protection (without Encryption) module is 4 Gb
- Minimum memory when using Protection bundle module (with Encryption) is 8 Gb in the chosen hardware deployment
- 2 CPU
- 80 Gb


Software downloads

F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway 7.5.0 .iso 1.3GB
F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway Open Virtualization Format (zip)
Outlook Plugin for Email Encryption 7 (32-bit)
Outlook Plugin for Email Encryption 7 (64-bit)


Document Downloads

  • MSG Installation Guide English
  • Email encryption Setup guide (PDF) English
  • Open Virtualization Format deployment guide (PDF) English
  • Release Notes  English
  • NetMLX installations Guide: English


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