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Dicono di noi

  • F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway keeps Interflora AB's affiliated stores free from spam and viruses

    agosto 26, 2010

    "In the last month, F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway has stopped more than half of all e-mails that passed through our network since they were spam, and 172 e-mails that were virus-infected. The odd spam message can of course still slip through, but very few. Both we at the HQ and the end users are very pleased," says Mikael Berglund, IT Manager at Interflora AB...

  • Green House benefits from centralized security management

    agosto 26, 2010

    Established in 1947, Green House Co. Ltd. pursues food and hospitality business with the principle “to do what makes people happy”. To promote their goal and foundation, the company provides contract food services, management of restaurants/hotels, along with consulting and hospitality services. In line with their dedicated approach towards food safety and assurance, Green House follows a strict regimen in IT security to keep all of their computer systems safe...

  • F-Secure protects fun in Mirabilandia

    agosto 25, 2010

    The biggest amusement park in Italy selected F-Secure® Client Security™ to protect their desktops and to guarantee the continuity of their business...

  • Gruppo Grigolin, a leading building material manufacturer, has been successfully using F-Secure's IT security solution for over four years.

    agosto 25, 2010

    Located in Ponte della Priula, near Treviso, Gruppo Grigolin ( is one of the most important players in the building market in Italy. Gruppo Grigolin first started as Fornaci Calce Grigolin, founded in 1963, and today the heart of the group is Grigolin Evoluzioni Costruttive. The group has always strived to increase its production capacity, make its offering more diverse, and seek technological innovation. Over the years, the group has transformed from a small lime kiln into a thriving business with 7 production plants, 12 warehouses, over 600 motor vehicles and 10 product lines...

  • 3 Step IT switched to F-Secure protection

    agosto 25, 2010

    3 Step IT is an international company specializing in the management of the acquisition, use and replacement of technology and other fixed assets. 3 Step IT's asset management services and after sales services for old equipment save time and money for the customers. Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, the company has operations in 10 countries...

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