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Estudios de casos

STX Finland switched to F-Secure's all-in-one security service

STX Finland

Customer: STX Finland Oy

Solution: F-Secure Protection Service for Business, all-in-one security as a service solution

-Protection for workstations and servers (anti-virus, anti-spyware, spam filtering)
- Protection for email and servers (anti-virus, anti-spyware, spam filtering)
- Management portal (web based management interface, centralized management)

Benefits of the solution

- Complete security on workstations,laptops and servers as a cost-efficient service
- Affordable service solution
- Complete visibility for IT management, transparency for end users
- Management software updated by the service provider, does not require a dedicated server
- Identifies the latest web sites that have malware

STX Finland Oy has three shipyards in Finland. Two are situated in the cities of Turku and Rauma. The third, in Helsinki, is owned by Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Oy, an equally-owned joint-venture company of STX Finland. Its subsidiaries include Aker Arctic Technology Oy and STX Cabins Oy. The company belongs to the international STX Europe Group, with a product range including passenger ships as well as merchant, multipurpose and offshore vessels and multipurpose icebreakers. STX Europe is a leading designer and builder of cruise and multipurpose vessels as well as car and passenger ferries. All in all, STX Europe has approximately 15,000 employees.

STX Europe's principal shareholder, the international conglomerate STX Business Group, has production plants representing various industries all over the world and a total of approximately 54,000 employees.

Networked expertise

Shipbuilding is a highly networked industry. Shipyards have a strong, locationspecific collaboration network both domestically and abroad. Building cruise ships requires special expertise in restaurant and hotel technologies.

- Our job is much about considering the customer-specific special needs, so that each customer is able to run their business in the best possible way. For instance, our cruise shipping customers seek solutions to their cruise business, says Kimmo Metso, IT Manager in STX Finland.

- Our market is truly worldwide. In Europe we've specialized in multipurpose vessels, such as icebreakers, and offshore and cruise vessels. Finland has strong expertise in cruise ships and arctic environment.

- When it comes to IT architecture, we are a traditional company with strong perimeter security facing the Internet. Our production networks run as separate virtual networks within our intranet. Our partners have their own access to chosen STX services.

Reducing costs with Security as a Service

Earlier, STX Finland had a dedicated malware protection server running another vendor's product to protect IT systems against malware. The company wanted to reduce the number of servers, and consequently drop the costs.

- We started to investigate how we could buy security as a service, servers included. F-Secure was the only vendor capable of providing a security solution as a cloud service covering all the servers and services. Now we have malware protection as a service with a monthly fee. We can closely monitor the costs, and the service will always have the right price, says Metso.

- With F-Secure malware protection, we can use the service with our own management interface. This already removes one server. Our topmost security requirement was reliable protection. In a large company, some services are typically caught by virus scanning. You need a system that allows you to specify a security exception for certain applications and partners.

- We use our web based user interface to make configuration changes. The reporting included in the F-Secure solution gives us the tools to resolve problems. Our IT management can pick out the errors in advance.

Always up-to-date protection with F-Secure service solution

- The F-Secure solution is distributed to end user computers as a service. We have created sets of rules for things that users can change. Our IT management specifies the overall boundaries of our security, and manages it centrally.

- We utilize F-Secure Protection Service for Business in its entirety. Our individual servers and virtual servers are located in Fujitsu data center. We do not have our own data center, because we buy computing time as a service. We are utilizing almost 80 servers that have the security solution installed. A significant portion of our 1,600 office workstations are in 2D and 3D CAD engineering use. The number of laptops is rising steadily. They are mainly used for office applications and to some extent as measurement computers.

- The F-Secure solution gave us well-working security as a service that conforms to our strategy, with all the costs considered. The F-Secure solution had the lowest cost. Now that F-Secure provides us the management software, we no longer need a dedicated security server and the associated administration work and personnel. An improvement to the previous situation is that the F-Secure solution identifies also the latest web sites that have malware, and warns the user about them. We also receive support right here in Finland and in the Finnish language, concludes Metso.

Download the case study as PDF:

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