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Safe Infinity

Online safety and protection from the threats of web is still crucial. But it is the content on their computers that customers worry about most.

Safe Infinity offers your customers total protection for their irreplaceable content. It is the simple and easy way to backup their content to your cloud, access it securely from anywhere on the web and share it directly with friends. Safe web browsing is made easy with Browsing Protection and children are kept from the dangers of the web with Parental Controls.

Best of all, you can offer the entire solution as your own in your branding. 


  • Evolve into new levels of profitability by offering one solution that frees your customers from the worries of the Internet and protects their irreplaceable content
  • Offer a comprehensive security solution combining online and content protection
  • Increase customer loyalty with each device you protect and each file you store
  • Set yourself apart from the competition by enabling your customers to share their irreplaceable content within your branded portal
  • Slash support costs; enjoy fewer calls to customer service related to digital threats

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Predictable growth for your value added services

The F-Secure Content Enabler platform helps your services reach mass market consumers. Easily add new services cost-effectively, and present a consistent, great user experience for your customers.

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Become a partner

Collaborating with F-Secure gives your customers access to our award-winning ‘Security as a Service' solutions, increasing service uptake and loyalty.

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Service like Online Backup is still not widely adopted, is it?

After cleverly bundling and integrating a free digital photo prints offer with this operator’s online backup & storage service from F-Secure, a marketing campaign to existing Broadband users delivered 220 000 customers in less than 9 months, representing c20% of the target group, and exceeding all expectations and targets.

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