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Genuinely managed value-added services for fixed and mobile networks

Convergence of your fixed and mobile business has already become a reality for you, particularly given the clear increase in mobile broadband usage. Convergence is also a factor in the value-added security services (VAS) F-Secure offers for PC, Mac, netbook and smartphone users. We offer you security as a genuinely managed value-added service, with the same management interface across networks, client device platforms and end-user segments.

Your customer’s life is connected and converged

Your customers live a life populated with digital devices and increasingly popular services that run over both fixed and mobile networks. Consumers are highly connected through these networks, and expect to be able to access the same services wherever their mobile lifestyle happens to take them. Thus the digital home extends outside the walls of the home, and the key factor of this extension is service convergence – being able to offer the same services on different networks and various device platforms with a consistent user experience.

Mobile Internet security is a growth area

You are probably seeing healthy growth in the use of mobile Internet, either in the form of 3G cards or dongles, or in the form of netbooks. Despite the fact that these devices use your mobile network, they are computers, and demand computer security. Selling that security as a managed service can be a new, highly profitable revenue stream for you. We understand the specific needs of selling security to mobile broadband users and can make it easy for you, both in terms of integration, billing and service management.

Easy deployment for multiple devices in both fixed and mobile networks

With F-Secure you will be able to leverage one single integration project to offer security, online backup and other services to different platforms (PC, Mac, smartphones), for both fixed and mobile networks, and for different end-user segments (consumers as well as small and medium sized business users). You can provide a consistent user experience, and also ensure that your brand is consistently present throughout. We understand the differences between these platforms and, as an example, offer an SMS provisioning and billing system, which makes both service deployment and billing easy for end users regardless of network and platform type.

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Is quick growth actually possible?

Needing to drive customers to higher priced packages while at the same time turning around sluggish security growth in their call centers, this Partner operator turned to F-Secure for advice and ideas.

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Security is number one VAS for broadband customers globally

F-Secure Protection Service for ConsumersF-Secure Protection Service for Consumers is an award winning security solution designed from the ground up with our operator partners in mind.

It's harder to drive ARPU in the new Mobile Broadband world, isn't it?

This operator partner offered Security to its Mobile Broadband customers via their web site. The rate at which new Mobile broadband customer activated the security service was around 10%. They were unhappy with this level and approach F-Secure to brainstorm ideas and jointly develop a new approach.

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What happens to your customer's files if the computer breaks down?

Nothing, if he has Online Backup installed. It automatically backs up your photos, music, email and other important files with no limitation on space.

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