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Become a partner

Benefit from the experience of the world's largest value added services ecosystem for security and storage services

With more than 200 operators as partners in more than 40 countries around the world, our partner ecosystem is inspiring. It is a concrete indication of our leadership in the security and storage value added services (VAS) market from which our partners can benefit through a collective experience of the ecosystem.

Each and every one of the partners that have deployed our services, have years of experience in marketing them. And so do we. Our experience has accumulated from over a decade of working with all of these partners with whom we share best practices. All of this sharing naturally takes place on an open and entirely voluntary basis – we know what ‘confidential’ means, too.

Learning from the ecosystem

F-Secure’s strong and continued growth in the operator security VAS business has come from dozens of countries around the world. We have grown from a small Finnish company, located next door to Nokia, into a publicly-listed company with global operations. 

We have offices and research and development labs in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region, and employees from more than 20 nationalities. This means we have a global capability to adapt our offering and be flexible to your needs. We also learn from the full ecosystem which becomes a source of innovative power. We systematically facilitate the learning process of our operator partners within the ecosystem.

In order to enable sharing among partners, F-Secure organizes regular events. The most important one is SPECIES, the Service Provider Ecosystem Conference for Increasing End-customer Sales. This annual conference serves as the platform for service providers to meet, share experiences, and network while meeting F-Secure personnel and discussing the latest approaches to successful VAS marketing.

Additionally, the Marketing Forum is an event designed to discuss the effectiveness of marketing campaigns with a much smaller audience. The aim is to jointly produce an ideal marketing campaign concept that would work for the service providers present, giving us a better understanding of what is needed to create a successful marketing campaign for your customer base.

We are small enough to listen to you and big enough to fulfill your requirements. We are established enough to have experience and a heritage of service innovation and young enough to be agile. We are local enough to give you personal support and global enough to build bridges between you and your peers.


Interested in becoming a partner?

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