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About Labs


What is Labs?

F-Secure's Security Labs are dedicated data protection research centers where teams of analysts and researchers search for, collect and analyze various types of threats. Their expertise serves as the front line of defense for millions of customers worldwide who rely on the fast, accurate protection provided.

For years, the Labs have been at the forefront of analysis and research in computer viruses, spyware, scareware, spam and other malicious Internet based threats. In recent years, rapid progress and expertise has also been gained in dealing with mobile threats.

With the assistance of custom-built automated systems for gathering and analyzing hundreds of thousands of malicious samples every day, and close cooperation with recognized international and national information security authorities, the Labs are central to F-Secure's mission - protecting the irreplaceable.


Helsinki office

F-Secure's first Security Lab is located in Helsinki, Finland. Since F-Secure's inception, the Helsinki Security Lab has played a pivotal part in developing the technology and expertise that's been the company's strengths.

The Helsinki Lab also works closely with various international information technology authorities and industry leaders to stay current with the latest threats to information security.


Kuala Lumpur office

F-Secure's second Security Lab is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and was first established in October 2006. Working closely with the Helsinki Lab, analysts and researchers at the new site also provide malware collection, analysis and research services.

The establishment of a second Lab in a strategic location in South-East-Asia allows F-Secure to provide a continuous 24-hr, award-winning service to its millions of customers around the globe.