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A popular programming language developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995 specifically for the Internet; Java allows Web designers include interactive programs known as "applets" to their site.

Java programs can also be used for non Web-based purposes and in this case, is known as a Java "application".

Java & Malware

Viruses, trojans and worms which are coded in Java may be described as 'operating on the Java platform'.

Intentionally malicious applets on websites may be used to perform an unwanted action on an unsuspecting visitor's machine, such as downloading malware. They may also direct visitors to another website, where another tool is used to perform the unwanted actions.

As with other languages, a program written in Java may inadvertently include vulnerabilities; if these vulnerabilities are exploited, an attacker may be able to control the vulnerable program. For more information about these vulnerabilities, please see the Vulnerability Descriptions database.





A popular scripting language (only loosely related to the Java programming language) that is commonly used on Web pages to add interactivity to its elements.

JavaScript & Malware

JavaScript can be a security concern as it is sometimes used to code malware. Trojans, virus or worms that are coded in this language may be described as 'operating on the JavaScript platform'.

JavaScript code can also be maliciously used on websites to direct unsuspecting users to other malicious websites, or to perform an unwanted action on the visitor's system.

Applications that run on JavaScript, or have JavaScript components, may be compromised if a vulnerability in the JavaScript is exploited by an attacker.

For more information about such vulnerabilities, please see our Vulnerability Descriptions database.





The Type designation 'Joke' was previously used by F-Secure to identify a non-destructive program with an annoying or funny functionality.

With changes in the threat landscape today, programs previously identified as 'Joke' have been reclassified under the Riskware Category, with the Type designation 'Application'.

The update in naming better clarifies the program's overall security profile in the current, more complex threat landscape.






A classification term used by F-Secure to indicate the potential severity of threat a program may pose to the user's computer system and/or confidential information.



About Detection Names

A quick guide to Detections - why they are important, how they work and how to read them. Also includes Generic Detections and how they differ from traditional Detections.