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Spam submissions

Spam, Ham, and Phishing messages that have been incorrectly categorized may be submitted for analysis.


Please use the following addresses for your sample submission(s):

For Spam:

For Ham:

For Phishing:

Submission Formatting

All submissions should meet the following criteria:

Submission should be from a valid, live e-mail address. In rare cases, we may need to reply to you if we have questions.

Please write any comments in English only. Messages in other languages may be delayed or even discarded entirely. For assistance, Google Translate provides translation support for more than 30 languages.

The sample(s) should be attached as a ZIP file. The name of the zip file should be samples.zip and it should have no other extra features (internal directory structure, unrelated files, et cetera). Usually, there is no need to password-protect spam, ham, or phishing sample attachments. The sample messages should be stored as individual files in the zip archive.

Each message file should be exactly as received by you, with full headers. There are a number of good sites with instructions on how to obtain the full headers of an e-mail message. One excellent example is http://helpdesk.rootsweb.com/listadmins/headersfull.html (external link).

Note: If you use Outlook and another e-mail client in parallel, it's probably best to use the alternate client to extract messages for submission.