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Browsing protection



What is Browsing Protection and how does it work?

Browsing Protection is a web site security rating service provided by F-Secure products. When turned on, Browsing Protection uses data from several sources to accurately evaluate and rate a web site for any potential threats.

The ratings are displayed as icons next to each search result when you perform a search. This allows users to identify and avoid: 

  • Web sites containing exploits, malware or other threats to your device
  • Web sites that may compromise your personal details
  • Web sites containing unwanted content

These ratings are based on the latest information from, among other sources, our cloud-based detection systems, evaluation from our Web Reputation Analysts and feedback provided by other Browsing Protection users.

When turned on, Browsing Protection will also display a notification in the browser if the user attempts to access a known harmful web site during a web browsing session. A block page such as this (click for a larger view) will be displayed:

The user can then elect to either return to the home page or proceed to the suspect site.



End of Life for Browsing Protection Portal

In order to streamline support for our Browsing Protection service, F-Secure has shut down the Browsing Protection Portal formerly hosted at browsingprotection.f-secure.com.

All versions of the following products, which previously connected to the Browsing Protection Portal, are now redirected to this page:

  • F-Secure Client Security
  • F-Secure Internet Security
  • F-Secure Internet Security Technology Preview

Enquiries and requests to review website ratings may now be submitted via the Sample Analysis System
(see below).



Website security analysis

Suspect a website may be malicious? Or a website rating should be revised?

Request a security review of the suspect site via


To submit URLs via SAS, you must log into the system.

If you do not currently have an SAS account, you can create a new account.




This site is: Safe
You can safely visit this web site. F-Secure did not find any suspicious behavior in this web site. To the best of our knowledge, it is safe to visit this web site.


This site is: Suspicious
You should be careful when visiting this web site. F-Secure has found evidence of suspicious behavior on this domain. Please exercise extra caution in visiting this web domain.


This site is: Harmful
You should avoid visiting this site. F-Secure has found evidence of harmful behaviour on this web site. To the best of our knowledge, it is not safe to visit this web site.


This site is: Unknown
We will provide a recommendation of this web site soon.



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