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Security advisories

Listed below are Security Advisories giving details (including fixes) for all known vulnerabilities affecting F-Secure products.



FSC-2014-6: Notice on Multiple OpenSSL Vulnerabilities (2014-06-19)
FSC-2014-5: Remote File System Access (2014-05-30)
FSC-2014-4: Address Bar Spoofing in F-Secure Safe Browser for iOS (2014-05-21)
FSC-2014-3: Memory Dump Information Leak (2014-05-09)
FSC-2014-2: Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability (2014-04-17)
FSC-2014-1: Notice on OpenSSL 'Heartbleed' Vulnerability (2014-04-17)



FSC-2013-2: Notice on Update for Linux products (2013-05-14)
FSC-2013-1: Remote code execution vulnerability in DLL component (2013-04-24)



FSC-2012-2: Mac OS X Firewall Local Authentication Bypass (2012-12-12)
FSC-2012-1: Scanning Bypass Vulnerability (2012-03-13)



FSC-2011-3: SEH Overwrite Vulnerability in DLL File (2011-08-23)
FSC-2011-2: Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability (2011-02-24)
FSC-2011-1: Log File Access Vulnerability (2011-02-15)


FSC-2010-4: Binary Planting Vulnerability (2010-12-15)
FSC-2010-3: Clarification on the Impact of CVE-2010-3499 (2010-10-29)
FSC-2010-2: Expect-header Sanitation Vulnerability (2010-06-23)
FSC-2010-1: Malformed Archive Bypass Vulnerability (2010-04-12)


FSC-2009-3: PDF Bypass Vulnerability (2009-10-29)
FSC-2009-2: Mail Relay Vulnerability (2009-06-16)
FSC-2009-1: ZIP & RAR Archive Evasion Vulnerability (2009-05-06)


FSC-2008-3: RPM Parsing Vulnerability (2008-10-21)
FSC-2008-2: Archive Handling Vulnerability (2008-03-17)
FSC-2008-1: CAB & RAR Archive Scanning Vulnerabilities (2008-02-13)


FSC-2007-6: EXE & Packed File Scanning Vulnerabilities (2007-09-27)
FSC-2007-5: Scan Bypass Vulnerabilities with LHA & RAR Archives (2007-06-19)
FSC-2007-4: Denial of Service Vulnerability in F-Secure Policy Manager Server host module (2007-05-30)
FSC-2007-3: EXE & Packed File Scanning Vulnerabilities (2007-05-30)
FSC-2007-2: IOCTL Vulnerability in Real-time Scanning Component (2007-05-30)
FSC-2007-1: Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in Handling LHA Archives (2007-05-30)


FSC-2006-6: OpenSSL Denial of Service Vulnerability (2006-11-29)
FSC-2006-5: Deeply Nested Malformed MIME Denial of Service Attack (2006-07-14)
FSC-2006-4: Scanning Bypass Vulnerability (2006-06-28)
FSC-2006-3: Buffer overflow in Web Console of F-Secure Anti-Virus (2006-06-01)
FSC-2006-2: Sendmail MTA Security Vulnerability (2006-03-28)
FSC-2006-1: Code Execution Vulnerability in ZIP and RAR Archive Handling (2006-01-19)

Need Assistance?

If you are an F-Secure product user and would like further information or assistance on issues or problems related to usage of the product, please contact Support.

This includes (but is not limited to) product updates and patching issues, login/password problems, and suspected account abuse concerns.

Report a Vulnerability

If you are a security researcher and believe you have discovered a vulnerability in an F-Secure product, find more information on how to report it and whether it's eligible for consideration under our Vulnerability Reward Program: