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Remove threats


Easy Clean FAQ

1. What is F-Secure Easy Clean?

With F-Secure Easy Clean, you can check your computer for malware infections and repair any damage they may have caused. The tool scans your computer for infections and removes any that it finds. The scan result displays malware that was detected and action that was performed on it. F-Secure Easy Clean is not a replacement for your antivirus software.


2. What happens if F-Secure Easy Clean finds malware on my computer?

It depends on the type of malware. If a rootkit is found, F-Secure Easy Clean requires you to restart your computer. Then it starts to clean the rootkit. For other types of malware, restarting is not always required.


3. What kind of computer do I need for using F-Secure Easy Clean?

Your computer must meet the following requirements to run F-Secure Easy Clean:

Minimum hardware requirements:

  • Live Internet connection
  • Processor: Capable of running Windows XP
  • Memory: 512 MB (1 GB recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

Supported operating systems:

  • Windows 7 
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP


4. Can I run F-Secure Easy Clean without an Internet connection?

No. The latest release of Easy Clean now require a live Internet connection in order to contact our 'cloud-based' servers for the latest information about known threats.


5. Do I need administrator rights on my computer to run F-Secure Easy Clean?

Yes, you need administrator rights to run the tool.


6. Why do I need to back up my important files before I use the tool to scan my computer? Does the tool remove files from my computer?

It is recommended to back up your important files regularly. F-Secure Easy Clean may remove files that are infected when it scans your computer.


7. How long does it take to scan the computer for infections?

Usually, the scanning and cleaning takes a few minutes, but it depends on your computer and the number of programs and files you have on it.


8. Why do I need to restart my computer? What happens if I do not restart it?

Some malware can be removed only when you restart your computer. If you do not restart it, some malware may not be removed. You have to restart your computer before you run F-Secure Easy Clean again.


9. Why do I need to turn off my antivirus product before running F-Secure Easy Clean?

Antivirus products may block access to some files, so F-Secure Easy Clean cannot scan or clean them. Remember to turn on your antivirus product after the tool has finished scanning and cleaning. If you run F-Secure Anti-Virus product on your computer, F-Secure Easy Clean will automatically turn it off when the scanning starts and will restart it after the scanning has been completed.


10. How can I uninstall F-Secure Easy Clean?

To uninstall F-Secure Easy Clean, delete the installation package.


11. How do I know what files have been changed and removed by F-Secure Easy Clean?

F-Secure Easy Clean is designed to find and clean specific malware efficiently and does not provide a detailed report of files that may have changed or been removed.


12. Why could F-Secure Easy Clean not remove some malware? Do I need an antivirus product to do it?

F-Secure Easy Clean can clean specific malware efficiently, but it is not a full antivirus product. It does not remove all the known malware; it focuses just to the most common viruses, worms and other types of malware in the wild. An antivirus product provides real-time protection against viruses with regular automatic updates and other integrated protection mechanisms. F-Secure provides a wide range of security products, which you can use to scan your computer and remove malware.


13. Why I should not run Easy Clean in safe mode?

Easy Clean may not find all installed malicious application files on your computer when it is run from Windows safe mode. If you must use safe mode to run Easy Clean, select "safe mode with networking" during the system boot process.



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