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Do you suspect a file or email is harmful? Or that a file or URL was rated incorrectly by an F-Secure product?

Submit files and URLs to F-Secure Labs' Sample Analysis System (SAS) for automated analysis.

You can submit files anonymously, or if you want to get feedback and scan results for samples, you will need to sign up for an SAS account.

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If a banking portal does not appear to be working properly while Banking Protection is enabled, report the issue to us via our Sample Analysis System. Don't forget to include the portal address/company name and any relevant details!

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Reporting Vulnerabilities

F-Secure welcomes collaboration with researchers interested in responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities in any F-Secure products or services. Issues reported to us undergo thorough investigation on a case-by-case basis.

Researchers currently have two options when reporting vulnerabilities:


    All Products

    Any F-Secure product or service

    Vulnerability Reward Program

    Specially for younited

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Report a vulnerability (with a summary of its exploitation and impact, including details of any configurations, circumstances and code needed) via email to:


    We very strongly recommend encrypting the email using our GnuPG key ( available on key servers, key fingerprint 098A 308E 6F15 E2CE 84A2 CB91 3BE6 8DBF 5902 6649) and attaching your own public key in the mail.



Email messages that have been incorrectly rated by F-Secure products can be submitted for analysis and recategorization via the email addresses below:

For Spam


Unwanted email incorrectly rated as wanted

For Ham


Wanted emails incorrectly rated as unwanted

For Phishing


Fake emails that lead user to malicious sites

free yourself from the annoyance of spam

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