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Disabling System Restore on Windows XP

The Windows XP operating system includes a feature called System Restore, which creates backup copies of essential system files that can be used to restore the active system files if they are corrupted.

This feature can make disinfection of an infected system difficult if these the backup files are also infected, as the System Restore routine will subsequently replace the disinfected file with the backed-up, infected copy.

Temporarily disabling the System Restore feature before performing disinfection is therefore recommended.


Temporarily Disabling System Restore

1. Select Start / My Computer.

2. Click on "View system information".

3. Select the tab "System Restore".

4. Check the "Turn off System Restore on all drives" checkbox and click "Apply".

5. The program asks if you want to turn off System Restore. Click "Yes" button.

6. "Drive settings" has now turned to grey. Click "OK".

7. Windows XP System Restore feature is now disabled.


Reenabling System Restore

The System Restore feature can be enabled again with the same steps, except that at step 4. you have to uncheck the Turn Off System Restore on All Drives checkbox.

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