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Disabling System Restore on Windows ME

The Windows Millenium (Windows ME) operating system introduces a new feature called System Restore, which creates backup copies of essential system files that can be used to restore the active system files if they are corrupted.

This feature can make disinfection of an infected system difficult if these the backup files are also infected, as the System Restore routine will subsequently replace the disinfected file with the backed-up, infected copy.

Temporarily disabling the System Restore feature before performing disinfection is therefore recommended.


Temporarily Disabling System Restore

  1. Right-click on the My Computer icon and select Properties
  2. In the System Properties Window, select the Performance tab
  3. Click on File System... button

  4. In the File System Properties window, select the Troubleshooting tab
  5. Check the Disable System Restore checkbox
  6. Click Apply button
  7. Close the windows using the Close button
  8. Click Yes when prompted for reboot


Reenabling System Restore

The System Restore feature can be enabled again with the same steps, except that at step 5. you have to uncheck the Disable System Restore checkbox.

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