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Beta programs for home users


Safe Anywhere Mac Technology Preview

Your Mac is part of your life. So naturally, you’ll want to look after it. Safe Anywhere Mac is an easy way to help make sure your computer stays secure.

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F-Secure Safe Anywhere Mac Technology Preview offers an Anti-Virus program that protects your Mac from looming threats. It will also configure your firewall and help to make sure that your precious data stay safe.

The product is constantly updated to keep up with the fast-changing malware scene. By joining the Technology Preview, you will be among the earliest to receive any update, as we progress with the latest development.

Please take note that this version is intended to be used only for testing purposes.




All feedback related to current Safe Anywhere Mac Technology Preview should be submitted through https://beta.f-secure.com

If you want to provide us feedback regarding Mac Protection Technology Preview (check the title of the main UI), please send them directly to



Program Versions


Non-released version of our product or solution that is still in an active development phase.

Technology Preview

An early, non-released version or prototype of our product with reasonable quality. It may or may not be commercialized into a product or service.

Benefits for Beta Testing Participants

A free six-month subscription during which you will automatically receive latest updates to the product

An opportunity to influence the final product

Rewards for best suggestions and for active feedback