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<span style='color:#FFED00;'>F-Secure KEY</span>

F-Secure KEY

One password to rule them all. Securely.
From Europe.

  • Secure and easy access to all your login credentials
  • Automated log-in (Android, Mac, PC)
  • Secure password generator
  • News feed to keep you informed of major hacking incidents
  • Strong encryption to protect your data
  • Use Key where ever you go, on any device. Fast, automatic data synchronization across all your devices (starting from €1.69/month). To synchronize, download the app and tap on "Connect devices".

Secure password manager

F-Secure Key stores your passwords, user names and other credentials so that you can access them wherever you are through one master password. F-Secure Key makes your access to online services easy and secure by automatically filling in the login fields for you, and helps you generate new passwords that are both safe and unique.

With F-Secure Key, your credentials are always available on all of your devices: smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs. Your personal data is strongly encrypted locally in the device to keep it safe, and all F-Secure Key servers used to securely synchronize your passwords across devices are owned and operated by F-Secure within the European Union.


Finding it hard to remember millions of passwords?

Quickly look up your user names and passwords with F-Secure Key on your smartphone, tablet or computer, wherever you are.

Need to create new login credentials?

No problem – F-Secure Key helps you generate passwords that are both safe and unique. Recycling is good for the environment; recycling passwords compromises your online security.


Difficulties in typing those tricky passwords?

We're here to help! F-Secure Key automatically fills in the login fields, making your access to online services easy and secure.

Worried about your safety online?

F-Secure Key keeps you up to date about any major hacking incidents that target popular online services and might compromise your safety.


Worried about where your passwords are stored?

No need to worry! F-Secure Key stores your sensitive information locally on your device and uses strong encryption to keep it safe. Even when you synchronize passwords between your devices, the information stays encrypted.

Concerned about someone else getting access to your passwords?

You are the only person who gets to see your passwords. Even the F-Secure Key servers that synchronize passwords across your devices are run by F-Secure, located within the European Union and protected by strict privacy legislation.

Thinking about entrusting F-Secure Key with your digital life?

You might be trusting us already! F-Secure Key is brought to you by the people who have been developing modern cryptographic protocols, such as SSH, VPN and file encryption, used globally every day. We also protect millions of people around the world against viruses and malware.

Interested about all the cool security features?

Then here are some more: AES-256 in CCM mode (CTR with CBC MAC), PKCS#5, HMAC-SHA256 — but to really understand the security and cryptography behind F-Secure Key, click here.



Android devices running 4.0 or more recent version

iPhones and iPads running iOS 5 or more recent version

Windows 7 or more recent version

Mac OS X 10.7 or more recent version


English, Español (Latin America), 한국말, Português (Brazil), suomi