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Advanced protection against loss and theft

Protect your smartphone and tablet for free.

F-Secure Anti-Theft is a great way to protect your smartphone if it gets lost or stolenand it’s free!

F-Secure Anti-Theft protects your personal and confidential data and helps you to locate your device if it gets lost or stolen. You can find your lost device by turning on an alarm or pinpointing its location on the map. Additionally, you can take control of your device if you do not find ityou can lock it or even completely remove all your data remotely.

F-Secure Anti-Theft is part of F-Secure Mobile Security, which is a complete security suite for your smartphone or tablet.




#LOCK# - Remote lock your phone

Ok, you lost your phone – lock it quickly with a single SMS message!

Send text message: #lock#<your code>  to your phone to lock it


#LOCATE# - Locate your missing phone

How do you locate your lost phone or the person who has it? It’s simple – use locate and see it on a map. It’s as easy as that!

Send text message: #locate#<your code> to your phone to see its location on a map.


 #WIPE# - Remote wipe your phone

If it looks like you won't be getting your phone back, you have one more trick up your sleeve - erase all of your confidential data. The thief is left with just the cover and without any of the content.

Send the text message: #wipe#<your code> to your phone to wipe it.


Theft control

Want to nab the thief? If someone steals your phone and changes the sim card, the phone locks down automatically and the thief’s phone number is reported to you. This feature works automatically when it’s activated.





#ALARM# - To turn the alarm on

Nor sure where your device is? Turn the load alarm on by sending a SMS from another device to your device.

Send text message: #alarm#<your code>  to turn the alarm on


#ALARM# - To turn the alarm off

Found your phone? Inactive the alarm by sending a SMS to your device.

Send text message: #alarm#<your code>#0  to turn alarm off



  • Android smartphones using Android 2.2 or later
  • Symbian^3 (including Anna and Belle), S60 3rd and 5th Edition


English, Simplified Chinese (People's Republic of China), Traditional Chinese (Taiwan, Hong Kong), Czech, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish