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Case studies

F-Secure e-mail filtering as part of the Patja ICT service

Customer: Fujitsu Services Oy


Industry: ICT Service Provider
Solution: F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway solution as part of the Patja service; spam filtering and anti-malware


Fujitsu Services Oy is the leading IT service provider in Finland. The company’s customers represent a wide range of both private and public sector organizations. In 2009, Fujitsu’s revenue was 395 million Euros and the company employed 2,800 people.

Patja is Fujitsu’s ICT outsourcing model, where Fujitsu for example assumes responsibility for the administration and e-mail filtering of the customers’ e-mail systems. F-Secure’s e-mail filtering comes as part of the Patja service.

- Our Patja customers purchase an IT security service that is implemented with an F-Secure solution. E-mail security is part of the service chain. Many parts of the Patja service are implemented in cooperation with the best partners in the field, one being F-Secure, says Mika Hyppönen, Fujitsu’s service development director.

- The customer wants a reliable e-mail system, which is often included in the outsourced basic IT service infrastructure. You cannot manage without filtering spam and malware nowadays. Spam control in an e-mail system must be transparent, efficient and capable of filtering legitimate messages from spam, says Hyppönen.

- To be able to sell high-quality email services, we need efficient anti-malware solutions. Since we produce all components of the entire service offering ourselves, we have control over the entire service chain and can ensure its functionality, says Fujitsu’s Systems Expert Juha Såltin.

Old filtering replaced with the F-Secure solution

Fujitsu started offering e-mail services to its customers already in the early 1990’s. Spam filtering has been in Fujitsu’s service offering for a long time. Earlier, the company used security products from several providers.

- Previously, we used another product for spam filtering and control, but we switcher over to F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway solution. About three years ago, we transferred our first customer with approximately 10,000 users to use the F-Secure solution. Currently, about 150,000 users have their e-mail protected by the F-Secure solution, says Såltin.

- F-Secure products make it quite easy to create high-usability IT services for our customers, remarks Hyppönen.

F-Secure support is the best in the market

Fujitsu is satisfied with F-Secure products and the quick reaction times of F-Secure support.

- High-quality support from the system provider is vital for us and our customers. F-Secure support is superior. It outperforms the competition. The most important thing for our customers is that our service works and that the end user can get support from us quickly. The superiority of the F-Secure product becomes apparent as winning support, says Såltin.

- F-Secure reacts to changes extremely quickly. F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway is a first-class product with the best support in the market. That is the most important thing in the F-Secure service, concludes Såltin.

- We provide services to large customers, and the end-user must receive all legitimate messages sent to him or her. Each day, the end-user receives a report of all messages that the filtering service has blocked. 90% of e-mail traffic is spam. Our filtering service receives five million messages a day. About half a million of them are legitimate messages, says Såltin.

Close cooperation

- With F-Secure, we are continuously discussing how we can cooperate and improve our service. Our partnership is based on an ongoing, in-depth management-level dialogue, says Hyppönen.

- Anti-Virus products for smartphones come from F-Secure, while workstations are protected in cooperation with Fujitsu and F-Secure. Our partnership includes the entire F-Secure product offering, says Hyppönen.

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