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Case studies

Protection Service for Business is an ideal solution for leading a charity organisation

Customer: SAMH



Industry: Mental health charity
Solution: F-Secure Protection Service for Business
Users: over 400 workstations, 16 servers

SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) is Scotland’s leading mental health charity. SAMH provides accommodation, support and training at more than 80 locations across Scotland for people with present or past mental health problems. The operation includes a head office and many small home-office style set-ups that serve more than 800 staff members, who deal with highly confidential client information on a daily basis.

The charity’s IT security requirements are the same as for any business using e-mail and other online services, according to John Stoner, Information Systems Manager at SAMH. “We need a security solution that protects desktops, laptops and servers with all kinds of configurations, and covers the whole range of office sizes in different locations.”

SAMH has only three dedicated IT staff for the whole organization, so the main criteria for selecting a security product is ease of use and ease of support. “The product should be simple to install, require almost no maintenance and be reliable,” says Stoner. 

PSB – Centrally Managed Protection

SAMH started using PSB in August 2009 and its experience of the security as a service model has been very positive. “Given our large number of locations and the distance they can be from on-site IT support, it’s ideal that we can now set security policy remotely on any computer, and centrally view and administer the protection,” explains Stoner.

“Moving our networked computers onto PSB was simply a question of pushing out the software from our central security policy server. For our smaller offices it was a straightforward installation as for any other software, with the bonus that once it’s done, you can then centrally inspect, manage and control security settings from F-Secure’s Protection Service website. As we see threats emerging, we can change the security policy settings for all our computers, not just those on the LAN, irrespective of their geographical location.”


Benefits of Security as a Service

For a charity like SAMH with a limited IT budget, one of the major benefits of PSB is that there is no need to constantly upgrade equipment. “We can now run cutting edge protection on computers that are several years old, which is great for our balance sheet and a real benefit to those who use our services,” says Stoner. 

“This is exactly what you want from security software – the knowledge that you’ve put a first rate product in place and that neither the users nor IT support need to get involved with it from then on.” 

“Thanks to the security as a service model, our staff can get on with what they’re paid for – and in our case that means more time to help those in need.”

Security as a service brings peace of mind. “As an organization that deals with people’s most personal information it’s vital that we are not only secure, but that we know we are secure.  F-Secure Protection Service gives us that knowledge.”

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