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Case studies

Data Group provides IT solutions as a service to SMBs

Customer: Data Group Finland Oy



Solution: F-Secure security solutions as service to the customers of Data Group: F-Secure Protection Service for Business, spam filtering, email encryption, mobile security

Benefits of the solution

- F-Secure service is easier to deploy than traditional product solutions
- F-Secure service products make it easy to provide solutions to the individual customer needs
- F-Secure's specific support for each product, superior to many others


Data Group provides IT solutions as a service to SMBs

Data Group is a Finnish-based IT specialist store chain established in 1992. The purchasing, marketing and sales activities of its member stores are coordinated by Data Group Finland Oy. The total turnover for the store chain is close to EUR 67 million.

Each Data Group store knows well the local needs and considers these in the product and service offering. The group aims to provide all the IT solutions for SMB customer needs. The group's strong expertise is based on continuous training and utilization of the knowledge acquired through experience on customer service.

- Each of our member stores is familiar with the special local needs. Being customer-oriented, active and available are highly important things for us. We operate nationwide and are the largest IT chain in Finland. We have 54 locations, and over 300 people work for our chain, tells Timo Vilenius, CEO in Data Group Finland Oy.

Nationwide expertise, local service

The customers of Data Group are in the SMB sector. A typical customer is an entrepreneur with 1-50 workstations in his company. The customer base also includes public sector organizations and consumers. The stores provide solutions according to the needs of each customer. Utilizing the knowhow of the whole group, a local Data Group store can provide comprehensive service to its customers. Group's service products have now some 11.000 customers.

- We are truly a local partner. We understand the local needs while providing nationwide benefits to our customers. They can get comprehensive security services from us, all the way from the data centers to mobile devices, tells Vilenius.

- We have the same size as our customers, and know well the challenges of being an entrepreneur. The customer gets everything for their needs easily from us. We make things simple for our customers and speak their language. Postsales service is important too.

- For instance, the customers want to have their security scaled right to their current needs. This is where we need to provide flexibility, upwards and downwards. Security scalability brings cost efficiencies to the customer.

Best partners, best service solutions

Data Group selects the best products and partners for its service portfolio. F-Secure's Certified Gold Partnership proves that Data Group knows F-Secure products intimately and has the technical expertise required.

- We choose our partners so that we can provide our customers with products that are clearly good. For security services, F-Secure is our most important partner. F-Secure products have developed in the same direction as our own service, Vilenius points out.

- For us, being a F-Secure Certified Gold Partner means that we know F-Secure products properly and are truly committed to our collaboration while being a trustworthy partner for F-Secure.

Service products bring cost efficiencies

Taking security service as an example, Data Group makes sure that the customer has always up-to-date protection and the latest technologies. Deploying a service product is easier for the customer than with traditional product solutions. With service products, customers only pay for what they need. Service  products are also easier to budget.

- Service products are built on latest technology and tools. That's why the customer can always choose the best solution and get it affordably. And service comes with another added benefit - it's always more comprehensive than standalone hardware solutions. That's why SMBs use service products widely, tells Vilenius.

- Security must be as transparent as possible to the customer. Maintenance and use cannot take time from the customer. We always provide F-Secure's trustworthy solutions that satisfy the customer needs and support their business.

Outstanding collaboration with F-Secure

- We share with the other Data Group stores the knowhow we have acquired through experience on customer service, on both hardware and services. In addition to this, our strengths include understanding and expertise on a local level, explains Vilenius.

- Our collaboration with F-Secure has been outstanding, and we've been doing that for a long time. As for myself, I joined the group in 2006. The collaboration has developed much over the years. In 2008, we chose F-Secure as our Partner of the Year, and already back then we had reached the very good level of collaboration.

- With F-Secure, we can provide our customers with specific support for each product. This makes F-Secure a superior partner compared to many others. Our security offering is largely based on F-Secure solutions. Together with F-Secure we can provide better solutions that satisfy our customers, tells Vilenius.

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