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Case studies

F-Secure's email encryption brings added value to e-communications at SKS

STX Finland

Customer: SKS Group Oy


SKS Group


Solution: F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway, comprehensive solution for spam filtering, malware filtering and email encryption.
400 users

Benefits of the Solution

- Brings added value to security and email usability
- Highly efficient email traffic filtering
- Centralized management, requires no user input
- Maintains confidentiality in email communications
- Ensures integrity of information sent and provides certainty about whether information has reached the recipient
- Positive experiences with F-Secure products

SKS Group Oy is a technical wholesale company that imports components for machine and equipment manufacturers' needs, offering complete service all the way from product manufacturing. Established in 1924, the company is a Finnish family enterprise with international operations. It has offices in Finland, the Baltic countries, China, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

The SKS Group companies' customers are machine and equipment manufacturers and individual production facilities. In 2010, the Group's revenue was 109.2 million Euros, while the company employed 623 people.

An e-commerce pioneer of its business

Starting as a component provider, SKS has developed to be a strategic partner for its customers. For instance, the stock service for product deliveries operates 24 hours a day. SKS has provided electronic ordering and invoicing services via EDI and Internet to its customers already for many years. Email encryption became a necessity for the company with the rise of various compelling needs to transfer confidential information quickly.

- In 2007, we chose F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway as the solution for our email encryption needs. It serves our business well and adds value to information security and email usability, says Veijo Merelä, Systems Manager at SKS Group.

- F-Secure's solution enables safe email communications for us. The features include spam filtering, anti-malware and email encryption. F-Secure's security works very well, just as it should. Now we are extending email encryption to cover our whole group according to our needs.

Email encryption ensures confidentiality

SKS Group utilizes the email encryption feature in F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway solution for sending confidential information, such as personal data and R&D information that need to be encrypted for transfer. Important e-mail messages related to contractual matters must be encrypted, just like customer information of the sales units and all the information pertaining to corporate financials.

- Now we have a complete email encryption plan for our new partners. Encryption must be used when transferring any information about key employees. Confidential information also include all the user related identification data and passwords.

With F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway, we can now send confidential information with complete security to where it is needed, anywhere in the world, says Merelä.

Global solution for email encryption

F-Secure's encryption solution is a global solution. The recipient of an encrypted email receives instructions for reading the message in one's own language according to the chosen language setting. The first encrypted message is seen as a "handshake" that defines data encryption between the parties. When the recipient has read the message, the sender receives a confirmation for this. To read the next messages by the same sender, the recipient needs only to remember his/her own password.

- Email encryption brings three essential benefits. First, there is confidentiality. Then comes information integrity in the sense that no one can intercept and modify it, as well as certainty about whether information has reached the recipient. Email has become a key part of business critical systems in companies, explains Merelä.

- In SKS Group, we have a clear action plan on how to process email. All our personnel collaborated and agreed on these matters already back in 2004. F-Secure's email encryption brings added value to communications, when the recipient has read the message and the sender has received a confirmation for this. In a long time, this is the first positively good product with true added value.

- While F-Secure's Messaging Security Gateway solution brings us many benefits, the most important is maintained confidentiality in email communications. Realizing the importance of email encryption calls for rethinking the old policies, says Merelä.

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