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Protection Service for Business

  • For companies with limited IT resources.
  • Let the experts manage your security.


What’s new in this release:

PSB Portal 5.20

This release replaces Management Portal version 5.10. Major changes in the new version include:

- Support of forthcoming PSB Workstation 10 and Email and Server Security 10 releases
- Improved user experience of Software Updater related tasks
- Possibility to import mobile devices from CSV file
- Possibility to select language for Alert notification emails


PSB e-mail and Server Security 10.00

Major changes in this version

  • DeepGuard™ version 5 – enhanced protection against exploit-based attacks and sophisticated malware
  • New Browsing protection and Web traffic scanning – based on the Network Interceptor Framework to provide smooth protection for Internet browsing independent from the web browser
  • Microsoft® Windows Server 2012 (including Essentials) – added support for the new server platform
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 – added support for the new Exchange Server version
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 - added service pack 3 support
  • New languages – added localization to Swedish and Korean languages


PSB Linux Security 10.00

Major changes in F-Secure PSB Linux Security 10.00 release:

  • Upgrade java to version 7 update 51
  • Upgrade tomcat to version 7.0.41
  • Improvements and bug Fixes (see the list of fixed bugs in release notes)
  • Support for RedirFS module discontinued


PSB Workstations Security 10.10

Major changes in F-Secure PSB Workstation Security 10.10 release:

  • Windows 8.1 full support
    The product can be installed on Windows 8.1.
  • DeepGuard™ 5
    DeepGuard™ version 5 offers improved malware detection rate. Since the last version, we have added some additional advanced behavioral analysis techniques.
  • Local Software updater notifications
    Users can receive notifications when updates are missing and applied on the computer. These can be set up with the portal and from the local user interface.
  • New Sidgrade module
    The Sidegrade module that is used for removal of conflicting software has been changed in order to provide a better user experience during the product installation.

For a complete list of operating systems please see the Release notes below under Document downloads.


Document downloads


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