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Software Updater

Did you know using outdated software is a security risk? That's right. Failing to update your software could result in a security breach to your business – and hurt your bottom line.


of the TOP10 malware detected could have been avoided with Software Updater in the first place

Avoid the obvious attacks with Software Updater

Keeping software up-to-date is one of the most important components of computer and business security. Over 80% of all vulnerabilities are in 3rd party software.

It can be very time consuming keeping up with new security updates, while also having to test and deploy them.  The more applications that are in use, the more time will be spent monitoring these.

This means, that you are typically only willing to monitor the first few major applications and wind up forgetting the rest. To make matters worse, once everything is patched, you’ll need to start the process all over again the next day when new security updates are available. 

You can make this demanding task much easier with F-Secure's Software Updater. It offers you a unique way to easily and automatically deploy security updates for 3rd party software. You can avoid unnecessary gaps in your protection with the automatic protection it gives against known threats.

Since Software Updater is integrated in F-Secure security software, it offers you best detection, automatic updates and integrated management for an affordable package price.

Easy updates according to your needs

Software Updater scans the computer for missing software updates and keeps 3rd party applications patched from vulnerabilities and up-to-date.

It offers unique, automatic deployment of security updates with the possibility of exclusions and manual deployment. It handles the installation of missing updates and offers patch management not just for Windows but also for 3rd party products.

The integrated management makes sure you do not need a separate infrastructure.


Software Updater complements F-Secure's overall service portfolio

Software Updater together with the award-winning protection rate of our products offers you the best protection in the market.

Software Updater is implemented in the following products:


Figures based on F-Secure research in 2013

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Avoid the obvious attacks:



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