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Case studies

  • Great service is the key to Avantage's success

    Based just outside Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Avantage is one of the country's oldest IT service providers. Avantage serves 750 clients, mainly small and medium-sized businesses in industries like construction, financial services, trade and media, as well as education and government institutions.

    In all Avantage takes care of 25,000 seats - and keeps them safe with F-Secure solutions like Protection Service for Business and Messaging Security Gateway.

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  • Data Group provides IT solutions as a service to SMBs

    Data Group is a Finnish-based IT specialist store chain established in 1992. The purchasing, marketing and sales activities of its member stores are coordinated by Data Group Finland Oy. The total turnover for the store chain is close to EUR 67 million.

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  • F-Secure joint telemarketing campaign proves a huge success

    K3 Managed Services are uniquely placed to provide an integrated portfolio of solutions that support every element of a customer’s IT system, including end point security provided by F-Secure.

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  • Axon IT: Protection Service for Business is profitable, time saving and efficient

    Axon IT Ltd established in 2001, provide outsourced IT Support, consultancy and training to both large and small businesses primarily throughout the north of England. Along with IT support they also specialise in cloud computing, Virtualisation, Networking, Online backup and VoIP solutions.

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  • Hundreds of hours a year saved

    PC Dial is a proactive IT support company for small to medium businesses and organisations. Based in Bristol, in the United Kingdom and with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, PC Dial offers a unique method of IT support. F-Secure Protection Service for Business saves PC Dial time & money.

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