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Case studies

Greater demand for Security as a Service

Client: Make IT
Industry: IT product and service provider for Small and Medium-sized Businesses
Solution: F-Secure Protection Service for Business
Users: Approximately 50 customers and 2000 users

“We started by providing F-Secure’s Protection for Business as a service to a limited number of customers, and the response was very positive. When we later introduced the solution to other customers, we used the first customers as references. This approach has been very successful – the sales have rocketed during the last 12-18 months. Today, the demand is huge,” says Thomas Lantz, Managing Director, Make IT.

Company info

Make IT is a Borås-based company that provides IT products and services for SMBs. The company has 15 employees. The services that Make IT offers are divided into two categories: services and solutions locatedat the customer’s site, and relocated services, where Make IT provides Internet access and/or operations and ASP solutions. Over the past two years, Make IT has focused on the relocated services by providing a hosting environment, where the customers lease products and services on a per-user basis.


Today, many SMBs outsource parts of their IT operations. This approach has several advantages. Smaller companies tend to have less people focusing solely on IT, so it is natural thatthey want their internal staff to concentrate on IT development rather than on administration and learning to use new applications. Companies are becoming increasingly mobile, as employees use PDAs, mobile telephones and handheld devices, which, from a security perspective, require more from both the user and the solution.
The expansion of the city network offers better connection possibilities, making hosting services available also for companies that are located outside the city centre. As a result, this type of service is becoming more common, which, together with simple payment solutions, results in lower prices.


For two years, Make IT has offered F-Secure® Protection Service for Businesses™ to their customers. Make IT was the first company in the market to provide a service where the customers can choose their level of protection. Make IT either covers everything – administration, updates and support – or the customer chooses to control some of the services themselves. The service makes sure that the customer is always safe – without having to handle all the details themselves.

F-Secure’s product package makes it possible for Make IT to offer a simple payment model based on the number of users. The model has made the service more attractive to the customers, and several customers have decided to adopt security as a service instead of buying licenses. A number of customers have agreed to serve as references for companies that have not made their decision yet. The reference accounts highlight the advantages of the service with details from their own experiences.

The result

Today, Make IT has over 50 customers, totalling in over 2000 users, who use F-Secure Protection Service for Business. 80 percent of Make IT’s customers are using F Secure’s security solutions and 90 percent of them are using security as a service rather than buying licenses.

Advantages for the customer:

- Simple payment model
- Less administration, freeing internal staff
- Less need for  internal software specialists

Advantages for Make IT

- A large number of users makes maintenance cost-effective and simple 
- Smart product packages are easy to sell
- Opportunities to broaden the customer base outside Borås
- Closer collaboration with the customers offers further sales opportunities


- F-Secure’s product is very good and it is well packaged, which makes it attractive for both customers and for us as a reseller
- We could offer security solutions from other vendors, but we prefer to promote the award-winning technology from F-Secure. We have been partners with F-Secure for four years and know the products inside out.
- 80 percent of our customers are using F-Secure’s solutions today. 90 percent of these customers are using F-Secure Protection Service for Business.
- We work very closely with our customers; they trust us, because they know that we have a high level of knowledge. We have been working with F-Secure’s high quality products for a long time and know that they listen to us. Therefore we always recommend F-Secure’s products to our customers.
- Our collaboration with F-Secure works very well. Their management functions are fast, which makes F-Secure’s processes effective. Their level of service is always top class, which is very important to us as we have to guarantee this for our customers.


Download the case study as PDF:

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