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Virtual & Cloud Security

Uncompromised security for all virtual environments

In most cases, virtual security is a compromise between protection level and performance. 

Traditional anti-virus solutions take up a lot of resources from the hardware and can be difficult to manage in a mixed environment. This leads to higher costs and an unfavorable performance impact. On the other hand, most security solutions developed for the virtual environment place emphasis on performance optimization, compromising the protection level. 

Uncompromised security with optimal performance for all virtual environments

You do not need to compromise between security and performance any longer.

F-Secure Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments (SVCE) is a solution specially designed to tackle the security challenges of virtual and cloud environments, including mixed and hybrid environments where multiple virtualization platforms are used simultaneously.

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Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments offers the best protection level on the market for virtual environments. In fact, it offers exactly the same protection level as F-Secure's award-winning traditional security clients. It includes automatic software updates and proactive, behavior-based protection. Therefore, unlike competing solutions, it does not compromise security for performance.

Supporting BYOD and CYOD

Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments offers best security for public and private cloud solutions, virtual servers, and virtual desktops (VDI). It gives security for work places that allow Bring Your Own Device - BYOD, and Choose Your Own Device - CYOD at the office environment. In these environments VDI can be used to solve the problem of providing business applications on multiple platforms and devices, including tablets.

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Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments can also contain Software Updater, which ensures that your operating systems and third-party applications are up-to-date.