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Case studies

Nuspire Partners with F-Secure to Protect General Motors Dealerships

Customer: Nuspire Networks



Industry: Automotive retail
Users: Various dealership locations ranging from one workstation to multiple workstations
Solution: F-Secure Protection Service for Business

For more than a decade, Nuspire Networks has worked closely with General Motors Corporation (GM) providing a full range of IT solutions and services. Network security and reliability is mission critical to automotive dealerships since they rely on Internet access for sales, service and delivery information. Sales come to a grinding halt when Internet access is disrupted, so maintaining uninterrupted connections is a key concern for the company.
GM turned to Nuspire for network security services that would ensure a reliable, secure and efficient dealership network. As part of its service, Nuspire relies on F-Secure’s Protection Service for Business (PSB) Security as a Service (SaaS) solution to protect customer laptops and desktop PCs, file servers and Microsoft® Exchange servers against threats from the Internet. F-Secure’s award-winning technologies provide the best possible coverage against the latest threats and hidden malware that are not detected by traditional antivirus solutions.

Finding the Best Security Partner

The need for specialized network monitoring and security management services has grown with the widespread adoption of global Internet solutions. Although antivirus software is typically installed, technical support may not be available to each office. The daily monitoring and maintenance of an IT infrastructure is often not a priority, which can result in security vulnerabilities.
“We’re not talking about companies with one large headquarters building because they usually have a large IT staff onsite,” explained Dan Hoban, senior director of sales and marketing, Nuspire. “We specialize in providing the network and security management services to companies with a more distributed office model – like General Motors dealerships – where IT support may not be readily accessible.” As a trusted services provider, Nuspire is responsible for the network operations, management and security of thousands of companies. It is imperative that the products and solutions they add to their services portfolio are reliable, robust and effective. F-Secure is the ideal addition to this portfolio since the PSB solution is customizable, flexible and powerful. Additionally, PSB is an antivirus solution that can support a lot of users and manage a large number of subscriptions.

Customizable Security as a Service

Choosing the right company with the best technology with whom to partner was essential for Nuspire to effectively protect GM from threats. “F-Secure Protection Service for Business was the clear choice for us,” said Saylor Frase, president, Nuspire. “F-Secure’s security solution brings functionality and flexibility that other vendors simply could not deliver.”
According to Hoban, “We were impressed by F-Secure’s rootkit scanning because it was the only antivirus security solution we found that could detect advanced viruses that have the ability to change in response to the environment.”
He added, “Very few antivirus solutions are as comprehensive as F-Secure, and allow the level of customization we need for all of our customers. PSB can deliver very robust security, or it can be scaled back to provide basic security functions. Security needs are unique to each customer, and F-Secure enables us to precisely meet their need.”

Beyond virus and spyware protection, PSB also provides spam filtering, application control, intrusion prevention application control and a firewall. F-Secure hosts the management infrastructure, while Nuspire monitors and manages security threats at the desktop and network level. With F-Secure, Nuspire is now able to provide a fully integrated and complete solution to detect and eliminate a wide spectrum of attacks and malicious activity including blended threats, intrusion attempts, viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, grayware, adware and denials-of-service. This partnership ensures that customers’ email is working, e-commerce solutions are not interrupted, and confidential data is protected.
Since partnering with F-Secure, Nuspire is able to keep networks secure by tracking the latest virus infections and security bulletins. PSB does not require an onsite server since everything can be managed by Nuspire remotely. With this cloud delivery approach, no hardware or software investments are required by customers to manage their security.

“PSB integrated well with our system,” said Hoban. “From a technology standpoint, competitors do not have as good of a solution as F-Secure – both from a product and process integration perspective.” “Thousands of our customers are using this valuable service with deployments that range from one workstation to 700 workstations,” said Hoban. “Our customers, including GM, are satisfied with our ability to protect their businesses, and we are pleased with the ease of management. We believe in this technology…we even use it in our own office.”

About Nuspire Networks

Nuspire Networks is a managed network security service provider serving some of the largest and most distinctive companies in the world. Armed with a comprehensive suite of desktop and network security services, Nuspire protects customers – Fortune 1000 companies with geographically diverse locations – from security threats.
Beyond providing simple firewall maintenance and IDS (intrusion detection solution) monitoring, Nuspire assumes full responsibility for their customers’ networks and security management. Customers can be confident that their organization is safeguarded by powerful custom-built management and monitoring tools, IPS, in-line AV and anti-spyware, URL filtering, and content aware firewalling.

“F-Secure’s security solution brings functionality and flexibility that other vendors simply could not deliver.”
-Saylor Frase, President, Nuspire


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