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Product registration

To use Policy Manager 10.10-version for other than evaluation purposes, you need to register your product.

To register your product, enter the customer number from your license certificate when you start up Policy Manager Console.

If you do not register your product, you can only use Policy Manager for a 30-day evaluation period.


Frequently asked questions about Policy Manager 10.10 registration feature:

Where can I find my customer number for registering my product?

The customer number is printed on the license certificate that you get when buying F-Secure products.

Where can I get my customer number if I lose it?

Contact the F-Secure partner from whom you bought your F-Secure product.

What if I have several Policy Manager installations?

The number of installations is not limited; you can use the same customer number to register all of them.

What should I do if registration fails, saying that my customer number could not be validated?

Check your network configuration to make sure that Policy Manager Server is able to access the F-Secure registration server (https://corp-reg.f-secure.com)

What should I do if registration fails, saying that my customer number is invalid?

Check your license certificate to make sure that you entered the correct customer number. Otherwise, please contact your F-Secure partner to check your license agreement.

Who should I contact for help?

If registration issues persist, please contact your F-Secure partner or F-Secure support directly.

Information to F-Secure partners

Should I use my Partner ID when I set up my customer's Policy Manager?

Use Customer's own customer ID in every case when the Policy Manager Server installation can be connected with a single customer. We use the registration data to periodically check if the license usage is aligned with the purchased licenses.

In case the Policy Manager Server installation cannot be connected with a single customer, for example when the partner is managing multiple customers from the same partner hosted Policy Manager Server, use your partner ID.


I'm a partner. Where can I find my Customer's customer numbers?

The customer numbers can be found from the license certificates. These will also be visible in the F-Secure Partner Portal in "My Customers" view during February 2013.

For further information, also view the F-Secure license terms and privacy policy.

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