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From one-time virus scan to real-time online protection

A one-time online scan is a great first step for making sure there are no viruses on your Windows PC. Run the scan and remove dangerous malware that might be already lurking on your device. Keep your devices safe at all times with real-time protection. Here’s how F‑Secure Total can help you to support your online security.

  • Down­load files and apps without worry

    Total’s award-winning anti­virus scans down­loaded files in real time, so you never again have to deal with viruses. It also removes existing infections

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    Always know if your bank connection is safe with banking protection. Total blocks scam sites to keep your money safe from online criminals.

  • Avoid online identity theft

    Identity theft often starts with data theft. Total alerts you if your details are at risk, giving you time to secure your­self and avoid losses.

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    Always browse privately with a VPN and secure your connection in any Wi‑Fi hotspot, at home or when traveling.

  • Secure and simplify using your pass­words

    Never forget a pass­word: create and store unique pass­words, access them from all devices and make logging in lightning-fast with autofill.

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How to scan my device for viruses and remove malware?

Computer viruses are difficult to detect without anti­virus soft­ware. While preventing infection is the best protection, we also recommend running frequent virus scans to make sure there are no viruses hiding on your device. Read more about viruses and how to remove them from your PC and all other devices.

You can use our free online scanner when­ever you want to remove viruses from your computer. It works even if you have anti­virus soft­ware installed already. F‑Secure free online scanner is an easy way to detect and remove viruses from your computer. However, a free virus scan can only remove existing viruses, it doesn’t protect your device from new ones.

Make sure that the free online virus scanner you want to use is from a respected cyber security company. Before running any online virus scanner, check carefully that the web­site address is trusted and reliable.

Check your Windows PC with F‑Secure’s safe and free online virus scanner. All you need to do is to install the online scanner and run it to detect malware on your device. The free virus scanner works only on computers running on the Windows operating system. However, you can try F‑Secure Total for free on your Mac computer and mobile devices using the iOS and Android operating systems. In addition to comprehensive protection for your devices, F‑Secure Total comes with a VPN and tools for managing your online identity.

An anti­virus scanner is the most important tool for virus removal. You install the anti­virus on your device and it starts to monitor incoming internet traffic and the sites you visit. If your virus protection detects any­thing suspicious, it alerts you and catches malicious soft­ware. With reliable anti­virus soft­ware, you can also run a virus scan to check your whole device or individual files for malware threats.

Malicious soft­ware, or malware comes in different forms. Computer viruses are only one type of malware. The common goal of viruses and other online threats is to infect your device, such as your computer. After the malware infects your computer, it may seek to corrupt and destroy files, steal valuable information and money, or spread further into other devices. These malicious threats are used by online criminals and hackers for financial gain, espionage or plain mischief.

F‑Secure’s free online virus scanner works on your Windows PC. However, there are viruses and other malware that can infect your mobile devices too. Use reliable malware protection to remove viruses and protect your smart­phone or tablet from future viruses. F‑Secure Total’s anti­virus scan protects your mobile devices running on the iOS or Android operating system.

Although many free malware removal tools can catch viruses lurking on your computer, they do not provide active monitoring and real-time protection that keeps your device safe against malicious programs at all times. Unlike free malware removal, a premium anti­virus with frequent updates catches the most recent cyber threats. F‑Secure Total’s virus scanner stays up-to-speed with new harmful soft­ware that free tools might miss. You can clean viruses from your devices with a quick scan or a more comprehensive virus scanner