NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What grade does your favorite app get? Posted by Sean @ 13:31 GMT

Forbes' Parmy Olson published a short article about PrivacyGrade on Tuesday. What is PrivacyGrade?

From PrivacyGrade's FAQ:

The goal of PrivacyGrade.org is to help raise awareness of the behaviors that many smartphone apps have that may affect people's privacy. PrivacyGrade provides detailed information about an app's privacy-related behaviors. We summarize these behaviors in the form of a grade, ranging from A+ (most privacy sensitive) to D (least privacy sensitive).

Here's our App Permissions' grade:

PrivacyGrade, F-Secure App Permissions A+

Grading apps can be a very subjective thing.

For example, social network integration might be of more concern to some than ad networks and location permissions — but whatever your personal criteria — the folks at PrivacyGrade have compiled some very interesting statistics.

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