NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, December 18, 2013

We're Hiring: Apply Now, Lots of Perks Posted by Sean @ 16:31 GMT

Today I looked out my 2nd floor window and spied Pekka Usva having lunch in a small ad hoc meeting room.

Pekka Usva, rear window

And that reminded me…

I read an e-mail of his last week (while home, attempting to recover from bronchitis) — F-Secure is hiring!

There are currently two developer positions publicly open in Helsinki:

  •  Junior Software Engineer
  •  Senior/Lead Software Engineer (Server side, Python)

There were some UX designer positions open last week. And possibly more stuff in the future.

A lot of Pekka's hiring revolves around our corporate security business line's goal of developing cloud security for SMBs (combining a lot of our recent consumer offerings into one SMB product).

Combining younited, Freedome, and mobile device management with a completely redesigned UX? Plenty of folks will need to be very busy…

No wonder this is Pekka's "executive" lunch:

Pekka Usva, up close

Actually, I've socialized with Pekka outside of the office and he's a rather regular kind of guy, like a lot of our management. If he wasn't doing a working lunch while meeting with Jussi (out of frame), then he'd just be next door at the company commissary.

That's life at a Finnish company. (Join us!)