NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, May 4, 2012

Terrorist Groups in the Online World Posted by Sean @ 12:40 GMT

The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point (USA) has released a study called "Letters from Abbottabad: Bin Ladin Sidelined?". The study provides analysis of 17 declassified documents captured last year during the raid which killed Usama bin Ladin. Copies of the documents in the original Arabic as well as English translations have been made available.

PRI's The World has an excellent summary: US Releases Letters From Bin Laden Compound.

Our Chief Research Officer, Mikko Hypponen, has been studying online extremism. He examined the documents and found this:

A reference to "jihadist websites", which can be found in document SOCOM-2012-0000019:


Mikko recently spoke about online jihadists at RSA Conference 2012.

You can watch the presentation here: Terrorist Groups in the Online World