NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mac Market Share x Google Images SEO Poisoning = Gold Rush Posted by Sean @ 10:49 GMT

Mac malware has been making lots of news recently, and much of the analysis has focused on Mac's market share, which in the USA, is around 15%. But market share is only a single data point. Is that the whole story?

We don't think so.

Mac malware is hot right now because of the infection vector — Google Images Search. Mac market share (15%) multiplied by infection vector (Google Search Engine Optimization poisoning) equals a huge economic incentive to target Mac users.

What happens when Google fixes their Images SEO problem? The bubble will burst and the boom will bust.

What will happen to Mac malware then?

Sean and Mikko discuss that topic on our YouTube channel in: Mac Malware Circa 2011

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