NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, April 23, 2010

Registration for CARO 2010 closing Posted by Mikko @ 14:20 GMT

CARO 2010

May is getting closer. The CARO 2010 Technical Workshop is almost here.

It's going to be good. More than 130 people from all over the world have signed up already.

Registration for the workshop will close in two weeks time.

We have the final program online. You can see the full program with abstracts at http://caro2010.org, but here are the presentation titles:

Keynote address
Dr. Alan Solomon

Useful and useless statistics about viruses and anti-virus programs
Maik Morgenstern and Hendrik Pilz, AV-Test.org

The Current State of Malware Collections and Sample Sharing
Dmitry O. Gryaznov, McAfee Labs

Sample Sharing Initiative
Righard Zwienenberg, Norman

Virtual Machine Protection Technology and AV Industry
Zhenxiang Jim Wang, Microsoft

File analysis and unpacking in the age of 40M new samples per year
Mario Vuksan and Tomislav Pericin, ReversingLabs

Indexing Large Volumes of Binary Content for Fast Search
Tim Ebringer and Marius Gheorghescu, Microsoft

Back to the future detecting the least polymorphic part
Roel Schouwenberg, Kaspersky Lab

Sequences and Beyond
Gabor Szappanos, Virusbuster

Anatomy of a Targeted Attack with Global consequences
Cristian Craioveanu, Microsoft

The Danish Patcher case
Peter Kruse and Dennis Rand, CSIS

It's Signed, therefore it's Clean, right?
Jarno Niemelä F-Secure

Detecting malicious web pages with MonkeyWrench
Armin Büscher, G Data

Using Value Set Analysis for Classification of metamorphic Malware Samples
Felix Leder, Bastian Steinbock and Peter Martini, University of Bonn

Profane penetration into Bredolab’s arcanes
Anoirel issaPpic, Symantec

Kernel-22: A Framework for Creating Analysis Tools
Mike McCarl, ICSALabs

SWF Disassembler Plug-in for IDA Pro
Marian Radu, Microsoft

See you in Helsinki!