NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, February 8, 2010

worldrofwarcraft.com Posted by Mikko @ 13:21 GMT

World of Warcraft

The World of Warcraft online game has over 10 million players around the world.

World of Warcraft also has hundreds of phishing websites targeting it, trying to steal end-user login credentials.

Like these:

World of Warcraft

The domain names for most of these phishing sites are easy to spot (wor1dcfwarcraft.com? give me a break), but others are a bit trickier (worldrofwarcraft.com – yes, there's an extra "R").

So, why are these accounts being stolen? For fun? No, they are stolen for the virtual gold and weapons. A stolen account gets emptied quickly and the goods are put for sale for real money online.

But who would buy virtual goods for a game with real cash? Well, based on the amount of sellers, quite a few.

WoW gold