NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, December 3, 2009

Who is fr3sh_card3r_rz? Posted by Sean @ 13:45 GMT

We often come across interesting details during our data mining.

For example, take a look at the following domain registrant information.

Notice anything interesting?

     Domain Name: BENINECOB.COM
     Eco Bank
     David Kieselstein (fr3sh_card3r_rz@yahoo.com)
     81 fair hill drive
     westfield, New Jersey 07090

     Domain Name: S-CFS.COM
     Citizens First Bank
     Monica Lewinsky (fr3sh_card3r_rz@yahoo.com)
     390 lewinsky ave
     hull port mn,49309

     Domain name: NORDEABANKAB.COM
     Nordea Bank Ab
     Emilia Martins (fr3sh_card3r_rz@yahoo.com)
     1015 E Wylie St
     Bloomington, Indiana 47401

     Domain name: BOF-IRELAND.INFO
     Bank of Ireland
     Patricia Jones (fr3sh_card3r_rz@yahoo.com)
     Rainwood Apts 1885 Harper Dr A
     Lake City 30260

     Domain name: FIN-VB.COM
     First Investment Bank
     Don Spusta (fr3sh_card3r_rz@yahoo.com)
     1878 algonquin ave
     deltona, Florida 32725

     Domain name: IRBUK-OFFICE.COM
     UK Inland Revenue & Customs
     West john (fr3sh_card3r_rz@yahoo.com)
     564 galant dr
     wincostin mn,48493

     Domain Name: KCW-UK.COM
     Commonwealth Bank UK
     Monica Lewinsky (fr3sh_card3r_rz@yahoo.com)
     390 lewinsky ave
     hull port mn,49309

Monica Lewinsky? Clearly, that's BS.

But how about this fr3sh_card3r_rz@yahoo.com?

This e-mail address has been used to create fake bank sites as far back as July 2008.

Using fr3sh card3r… that is pretty bold, eh?