NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hacktivist Tweets Posted by Sean @ 15:56 GMT

The collision of politics and technology is often interesting and the recent Iranian presidential election has seen a great deal of both.

From the New York Times: Web Pries Lid of Iranian Censorship.

And while the Internet is a source of information for political activists, there is also something else more questionable taking place… DDoS attacks against government servers in Iran.

A Twitter search for Iran and DDoS yields numerous results. Some folks are urging against DDoS attacks, but not in principle, rather because they might affect the bandwidth of political protesters. What are those concerned for the protesters promoting instead?

Targeted hacking.

We saw this earlier today on Twitter: "Please, use SURGICAL hacking only".

Our recommendation? No one should hack servers. It's a crime. Period.

Private citizens can participate in organized peaceful protests. Organizing surgical strikes against someone else's servers is virtual violence.

And violence begets violence.

Vigilante cyberwar is not a productive path upon which to proceed.