NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, September 15, 2008

Upcoming National Inter Varsity Security Tech Quiz Championship Posted by Response @ 02:36 GMT

We've been investing a lot of time recently in a Security Awareness Drive at local university campuses, to create more awareness about information security issues in Malaysia.

On the Security Awareness Drive

So far, the response from the students has been encouraging. Still, we wanted more students to get interested in this field, both academically and career-wise — so we thought, what better way to do it than to use information security as the topic for a competition where the grand prize is a paid trip to Helsinki, Finland, complete with a brand spankin' new laptop?

To that end, we've been involved in organizing the upcoming Malaysian National Inter Varsity Security Tech Quiz Championship, which will take place towards the end of 2008. The competition is open to teams of students from all private and public universities in Malaysia, who will compete through four rounds of increasingly tough questioning. Teams will be eliminated in each round, until one team of four students is left standing in the grand finale — and then it's off to Finland they go!

To win a round, the teams need to correctly answer questions revolving around security for mobile phones, desktops and laptops, and online threats. Practically, the questions will include everything from general security terms to landmark events in computer security history, malware characteristics and computer trivia. If we feel the teams are having too easy a time, we even have a list of "Almost Impossible" questions to throw in, to make things more interesting! We're looking forward to the Tech Quiz Championship and will probably post an update nearer to the event date.