NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, September 8, 2008

Inside-Out Improvements Posted by Sean @ 11:49 GMT

Our 2009 consumer products were official launched last Wednesday and there are a number of technological enhancements within.

The lab has been busy working with core improvements inside our scanning engines for several months now, and we are very satisfied to see it yielding results so soon.

We scored very well in AV-Test.org's latest results. More importantly, we're improving on our own already good results.

2009's scanning engines detect more, and do it faster.

From AV-Test.org:

F-Secure 2008 & 2009 results

"Outside" improvements have been implemented as well.

Our marketing team did some research for the 2009 packaging and developed a better box.

Dr. Tuula Pohjola of the Helsinki University of Technology was approached to perform a life cycle assessment (LCA). Keep an eye on the pressroom for the full details, coming soon.

For now, the basic details are as such — on-demand digital production techniques, local raw materials, plant-based inks, and it's easily recycled. Very nice.

It looks very nice too, as seen in this photo with two of our Helsinki office employees, Weronika and Niina.

Weronika and Niina with Internet Security 2009 and Anti-Virus 2009

Eco Friendly

You can find more pictures (of the boxes) from our marketing pages.