NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April's Updates from Microsoft Posted by Esz @ 03:22 GMT

It's the second Tuesday of the month again and — it's once again time for scheduled updates from Microsoft.

There are five critical and three important updates this month.

April's Microsoft Updates

The vulnerabilities released by Microsoft for April's Patch Tuesday are:

— Microsoft Windows Kernel Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
— Microsoft Windows hxvz.dll ActiveX Control Memory Corruption
— Microsoft Windows GDI Image Parsing Buffer Overflows
— Microsoft Windows DNS Client Predictable Transaction ID Vulnerability
— Microsoft Visio Two File Processing Vulnerabilities
— Microsoft Project Unspecified Code Execution Vulnerability
— Internet Explorer Data Stream Handling Vulnerability and
— Microsoft VBScript/JScript Script Decoding Buffer Overflow

For more information, you can go read the Security Bulletin.

Make sure you have the most secure and updated application versions available for your computer. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

You can also do a PC Health Check (IE 6 and above) to determine the wellbeing of your computer.