NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Challenge Results - Money Laundering Fraud Posted by Sean @ 16:11 GMT

Our November eighth post invited readers to contribute to www.bobbear.co.uk, a site devoted to documenting money laundering fraud sites.

   Fraudsters send unsolicited e-mails or place job offers on legitimate Internet
   recruitment sites looking to recruit 'money transfer agents' with bank accounts.

Financial Agent

We/Bob selected some prize winners last week and contacted them today. Congratulations to Gordon (winner), Chris, Ville (runners up), and Susan (honorable mention)! Look for more details soon on Bob's site.

Money Laundering Fraud sites are difficult to get shut down. And the problem doesn't look like it will be going away any time soon…

"the biggest problem with all of these crooks is actually getting the service providers, (whether it be hosts or registrars), actually to take any action against their criminal clients. A significant proportion of them are perfectly happy to make a profit from criminal fraud and that proportion appears to be growing."

We consider it important to be aware of these types of fraud sites as real innocents are snared by them.

Bob continues to fight the good fight.