Thursday, November 15, 2007
Virtual Theft at the Habbo Hotel Posted by Sean @ 09:37 GMT

Habbo Hotel is a virtual community aimed at teenagers that's part chat room and part online game. It's the property of Helsinki based Sulake Corporation.

The BBC is reporting that six Dutch teenagers are allegedly involved in the theft of 4000 euros worth of virtual furniture.
(One arrest for theft and five questioned for possession of stolen goods.)


We don't know if this scam involved any malware or not; perhaps it's an example of simply luring other users into giving away their passwords.

However — we often do see Habbo hack-tools. Here are a few examples:

Habbo Hacker X — MrX-Shop.Net registered to Amsterdam, NL.
Habbo HackerX

Habbo BruteForcer
Habbo BruteForcer

Habbo Devil
Habbo Devil

Habbo SpeedKiller
Habbo SpeedKiller

Virtual commodities exist and hold value in many online games. Everyday we see detections for trojan password-stealers designed specifically for games. Virtual theft is real and this Habbo arrest could be a bellwether.

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