NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, November 8, 2007

Challenge - Money Laundering Fraud Posted by Sean @ 17:19 GMT

Bobbear.co.uk documents money laundering fraud. It's an excellent site. Check out Bob's collection of e-mail based job scams.

   Fraudsters send unsolicited e-mails or place job offers on legitimate Internet recruitment sites looking
   to recruit 'money transfer agents' with bank accounts.

Money mules are the bottom end of the crimeware chain. And they're the people that often get burned.

Here's the thing — Bob is a volunteer effort and doesn't fight this type of fraud for profit. We'd like to help him out if we can.

There are currently about a half dozen sites that Bob doesn't yet have documented:

BobBear Not Yet Documented

So we have a challenge for you. Review his site. Learn what to look for. Research the undocumented sites and if you discover something, submit it to BobBear. For example, many of the undocumented fraud sites are copies of real sites — but nobody knows from where. Or, what kind of e-mails are linking to these sites? What other domain names are linked to them? Where are they hosted? What else is hosted on those servers?

Let us know the details of your submission at this address:

Money Mule Info at F-Secure

If Bob judges the information to be of value to his site, we'll include you in a drawing for some F-Secure swag. We'll coordinate with Bob on the duration. So volunteer your time and you'll earn a chance for some free stuff. And you'll help fight fraud.

A good way to start would be to review our October 12th post which has a video on the topic in which we discuss a fake site used for recruit of 'money transfer agents'.

Editor's Note: December 18th's post has the challenge results.