NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Greetings from AusCERT 2006! Posted by Mikko @ 05:29 GMT

Greetings from the AusCERT conference, currently underway in Gold Coast, Australia. There are around 1100 people attending this security happening organized by AusCERT - the national CERT of Australia. Out of all the CERTs we co-operate with, AusCERT is one of the most active ones.

The conference's speakers include many old-school computer security legends, such as Eugene Spafford, Wietse Venema, Paul Ducklin, Richard Thieme and Ken van Wyk (the original moderator of the virus-L / comp.virus mailing list).

Computer crime survey

The official 2006 Australian Computer Crime and Security Survey was released on the opening day. One interesting finding in this survey is that out of the 400 companies that responded, 45% reported being hit by a virus during the previous year - and 21% reported being hit by a rootkit or a trojan. The full report is available online too.

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